We have redesigned the cargo bike for use at our university.


In this project, we want to produce a cargo bike for university use. The focus here was on a suitable lock to secure bike and user management with check-in and check-out system. An administration area should also be created in which you can display the current checked-in user and location of the bike.


Node.js, HTML, CSS,
JavaScript, ESP32,
LoRaWAN, Adobe XD,


To capture the data we use a GPS and an LoRaWAN module.

To process the data we used a Node.js server which is connected to a MySQL database.

The different user and GPS data are written to the database and visualized in the admin dashboard.


Our university consists of a total of four buildings that are relatively far apart. Therefore, students often have the problem of moving material from one building to another.

To solve this problem, we have redesigned an existing cargo bike so that you can simply log in through an app. As soon as you have successfully checked-in, the lock opens and you can start driving.




We chose an ESP32 for the lock because we need a connection to the Internet so that the lock can be opened with a mobile app.

The lock is equipped with a spring mechanism. When you lock the bike, a bolt is pushed into an existing hole in the brake disc on the wheel.

For the lock, we 3D printed a case to protect the mechanism.


We linked the alarm to the lock, as this should only be activated when the lock is locked. To check whether the bike is stolen, we chose a gyro sensor, because we can use it to check whether the bike is being moved or tipped over.

The whole prototype looks like this


Technical storage

We have designed a housing for storing the GPS, ESP and LoRaWan module. The housing is installed directly on the battery, which has the advantage that the various technical devices can be supplied with power directly from the bicycle battery.



We implemented the different screens with HTML and CSS. We connected them to the backend using Javascript.

We have also implemented the admin panel to monitor the use of the bike.